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The Green Machine Podcast – ESPN Anchor Kevin Connors Joins the Show

He made his presence known following UVU’s win over BYU in Nov. 2016. And now, ESPN anchor Kevin Connors joins the podcast to talk about learning about UVU, his reaction to the win over BYU, and other reasons he continues to follow the Wolverines. 

Connors also explains why he loves mid-major schools. It is part of his mantra as ‘The People’s Champ.’ And this Sportscenter anchor shares the path he took to get to Bristol and what those who want to get into the industry should think about when they are deciding on it as a career path.

If that wasn’t enough, Connors talks about new UVU men’s basketball head coach Mark Madsen. You won’t want to miss that clip and also shares how he wants to get out to Orem for a men’s basketball game. 

Perhaps the best part of the episode is when Connors shares his most embarrassing moment on air to date.

Go to our YouTube page if you want to see the video podcast. Clink here for the video portion of the podcast. It is good stuff from one of UVU’s biggest fans. And, Kevin Connors even made it clear that he is going to make it out to Orem for a game. 

Give this a listen, share it with your loved ones, like and subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode. 

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